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Baby Wraps Carrier(Light Gray)


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Firm & Fit any size

Made with high strength material, Our adjustable ring is stronger, with longer service life and no deformation.

The texture structure makes it more convenient to adjust the size. You can free your hands and don’t worry about baby drop out.


Soft and elastic fabric, gently but firmly hugs baby close to your body.


Convenient storage bag, easy to carry and you can enjoy your travel.

Carry Your Child in Style & Comfort allowing your baby to hear your heart beat and fall asleep.

Put it on in minutes, and enjoy more quality time with your loved ones without forgetting about yourself.

The quality of our Mutual products baby wraps differentiates us from our competitors and makes our baby carriers and slings stand out.

Made from a special blend of cotton and spandex (only 5%) that ensures optimal flexibility and stretchiness, while the extra bib is 100%organic cotton .

Try it as an indoor baby carrier or as belly band support during pregnancy.

A good baby product is one that makes both parents and baby happy

How to Prepare Wrap for Baby:

Center Wrap on Chest

Stretch the fabric out to the sides and bring the ends behind your back Cross Behind Your Back

Cross the 2 pieces behind your back, and bring each side up and over your shoulders while keeping the fabric stretched.

Make sure the fabric is wide and flat so it doesn’t twist.

Tuck Under & Cross In Front

Take both fabric ends in one hand and tuck them under the front panel, while keeping the same front panel snug.

Pull down the fabric ends so that the wrap fits tightly and adheres to your body.

Cross in Back & Tie

Cross the fabric ends behind your back, and if there is enough fabric bring it back to the front. Tie a double knot behind your back, in the front, or on your hip.

Baby Wrap Carrier

  • Holds preemies and toddlers up to 7-35 lbs
  • Proprietary cotton and spandex blend for a sung and comfortable fit every time
  • Discreet nursing anytime, anywhere
  • Simple and easy tying allows one size to fit all
  • Machine washable


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